Energetic Material Systems

Ammunition Technologies

Within the framework of the use of energetic materials in military ammunition technologies which has strategic importance in the defense industry; Akana Engineering has started to operate in the energetic material field since the 2000’s. The process, which starts with R & D, design and equipment / machine production on energetic material systems, is a focused turnkey project that includes production process determination in line with the developed and defined needs, design, related production line design and the production and installation of the necessary machines.

At the point we have reached today; The field of energetic materials has also expanded and diversified as a result of the experienced design, production, quality, test and integrated logistics support teams on energetic materials and the increasing experience and capabilities within the field.

Currently, there are various ongoing projects and applications in which products and services are provided by Akana Engineering in the field of energetic material systems:

Lining Systems

Before the shell filling in the ammunition production processes and in similar situations; The contact surfaces are coated taking into account the energetic material to be contacted.


  • Lining machine design and production
  • Surface preparation before ammunition loading
  • Designs suitable for different sizes of ammunition
  • Usage areas; rocket engines, aircraft and general purpose ammunition

Raw Material Preparation


Energetic materials must be prepared in the right conditions and concentration before mixing, filling and use.

  • Polymer preparation
  • Raw material feeding
  • Shredders


Production Systems

Mixing and filling are very important methods in the production of energetic materials and ready-to-use ammunition.


  • Capacity range in off-the shelf products: 0.5 – 2000 liters
  • Design and production for specialized capacities
  • Original knife & mechanism designs
Our Products:

1 Pint Mikser

1 Galon Mikser

5 Galon Mikser

30 Galon Mikser

150 Galon Mikser

500 Galon Mikser

Dolum Sistemleri


  • Fixed platform stations
  • Movable platform (mechanized lift) stations
  • Filling chambers

Test & Evaluation Systems


Performance evaluations of energetic materials and ammunition are carried out from many different aspects, especially mechanics and chemistry.

  • Burning rate measuring device
  • Verification with raw material preparation, production or destruction processes

Demilitarization Systems

Although the lifetime of ammunition and the methods and criteria of destruction at the end of lifetime differ significantly, the risks and safety sensitivity requirements of the operations to be performed are often similar.

  • Design and production of dismantling equipment
  • Process and plant project engineering
  • Design and application experience suitable for rockets, missiles and other classical ammunition
  • Thermal destruction equipment; Static and rotary furnaces
  • Gas purification systems after thermal destruction

Other Energetic Material Applications and Special Requests


  • The production, sales and use of energetic materials and ammunition is a strategic issue and is planned and carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces and defense industry public authorities in Turkey.
  • Akana Engineering strives to do every task assigned to it in this field in the best possible way and prepares itself by improving itself according to the possible needs that will arise in the future.
  • You can contact us for your questions about the work we have done so far or for your project, product or service requests regarding energetic materials. While submitting your questions and requests, we kindly ask you to share the technical details of the subject, as well as the project, system and / or institution information to which it is related.

Frequently Asked Questions


Energetic materials are a class of materials that can release chemical energy stored in their molecular structure.

Energetic materials; It consists of explosives, fuels (propellants) and pyrolants.

Similar to fuel and explosives, pyrolants are energetic materials composed of oxidizer and fuel components. Pyrolants react at high temperature when they are burned to form condensed and / or gaseous products. Fuels are used for rockets and weapons to generate propulsion through the flaming phenomenon, while explosives are used for warheads, bombs, and mines to generate destructive forces through the explosion phenomenon. Pyrolants are used for pyrotechnic systems such as channel rockets, gas hybrid rockets and igniters and flares.

ATEX is the abbreviation of the French words ATmosphéres EXplosives; It consists of EU directives that determine the minimum safety requirements for explosive, flammable and easily flammable environments and equipment to be used in these environments. Ammunition mixers and bowl lift systems developed by Akana Engineering are certified and secured within the scope of ATEX 2014/34 / EU Regulation on Equipment and Protective Systems Used in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

These materials emit energy in a short time upon external stimuli such as heat, shock or electric current.

  • Energetic materials are used in a large number of military and industrial applications. The basic phenomena on which explosives, fuels and pyrrolants are based and the applications they often find differ from one another.


Energetic Material Phenomenon  Application
Fuel Deflagration Rockets, guns, fireworks
Explosive Detonation Warheads, bombs, mines, blasting


Deflagration Gas generatorsignitersfireworkssquibssafety fuses
Detonation Detonatorsprimersinitiatorsdetonating fuses